Rainforest Trees
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Rainforest Trees

Who lives in the rain forest? Why is the rain forest important to us?

The trees in the rain forest has four different stages to it's growth.  The first is the forest floor, second is the understory, third is the canopy, and the fourth is emergent layer.

On the floor of the rain forest roots have a hard time growing since the soil is shallow.  One type of roots grow the best in that type of soil and those roots are called the buttress roots.  These roots anchor these huge trees in the shallow soil and these roots can grow up to sixteen feet tall.    This stage covers from the forest floor to sixteen feet.

The understory is a dark and gloomy part of the tree and no wind touches down there.    Lizards and snakes are seen in this part of the tree,  hunting for food.   The Emerald Boa lives among this part where it's color blends with the tree ,so the food this snake is hunting doesn't seen him until it is too late.  This stage covers sixteen feet to sixty five feet high.

The next stage is the canopy and this part is less gloomy.  It is not as humid as the understory is and the branches are ,so dense in this stage that it is hard to climb.  Green Whip Snake lives in this part of the tree  along side the toucans and the macaws.   This stage covers sixty five to one hundred thirty feet high.

The emergent layer is next and in this part the a person can see the sun light finally.   Among the animals that live in this part is the Amazon Parrot, the Blue-Headed Parrot, and the Hummingbirds.   Over eighteen hundred species of birds call this tree home.  This part of the tree covers one hundred thirty feet to one sixty five feet high.

The tree top is where the sun beats down fietcely and many birds call this part home.  Such as the Scarlet Macaw and the Harpy Eagle.

Why do we need the rain forest?   The rain forest is called the "lungs of the earth".   The trees in the rain forest release a gas called oxygen, which we need to breath to stay alive.    Lots of trees are being cut down and when a tree is cut down there is less oxygen and more carbon  dioxide.  Once a rain forest is cut down, the forest will never grow again.

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