Interesting Facts About Paraguay
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Interesting Facts About Paraguay

Here are some main fact about Paraguay including the people, the weather, and travel.

Here are a few interesting facts about Paraguay. Its official name is The Republic of Paraguay. Paraguay is one of the smallest and more isolated countries in South America. It has a population of about 1.7 people. Asuncion is the capital of the country and is considered the most important city in Paraguay. The official language is Spanish and Guarani. The dominant religion of the Paraguayan people is Catholic, but the country recognizes the separation of church and state. Guarani is the national currency. The smallest coin with any practical use is valued at ten cents. According to the U.S Department of State, the country’s economy relies mainly on the exports of cotton, grains, soybeans, sugar, cattle, and timber.

Paraguay weather

The temperature in Paraguay fluctuates from moderate to hot during most of the year. The average temperature in Paraguay is 75 degrees. In the eastern region of the country the climate is a little more humid and rainy while the eastern area is much dryer. During the summer temperatures can reach 105 degrees. But there are times when temperatures can fall to 0 degrees centigrade. The winter months are mild and short.

The Paraguayan people

Most Paraguayan people are a mixture of Spanish and Indian descent. The majority of Paraguayans live in the eastern region of the country in Ansucion. The natives are friendly, polite people and very accommodating to tourists. They will eagerly engage tourists in a conversation about football. The two main foods consumed by Paraguayans are corn and cassava. Many of the meals prepared contained these ingredients. The arts and culture of Paraguay is strongly influenced by the Spanish. The two main musical beats are the Polka which has an upbeat vibration and Guarania which has a slower tempo. The popular Polka dance is originated during European colonization. Engraving and drawing techniques were introduced to the people by a Brazilian artist name Livio Abramo.

Tourist Attractions

Paraguay has geographical, political, and economical down falls but still have many natural attractions. Paraguay is filled with dense forests, wilderness, and national parks. The Ruins in Chaco culture, the Rio Parana, the beautiful Aguazu waterfalls, and the main city of Ansucion are the main attractions for any tourist. The main roads are in good condition for traveling to some areas in Ansucion. To get to other places like Aguazu waterfalls air travel is available. Paraguay has an embassy in the United States located in Massachusetts.


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