Angel Falls - The World's Highest Waterfalls.
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Angel Falls - The World's Highest Waterfalls.

Angel falls are one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions. However, getting to the waterfalls which is located in the wilderness of Venezuela is not easy.

Angel fall is the highest , the tallest waterfall in the world. It is also one of the eighth natural wonders of the world. Angel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands, one of the five regions of Venezuela. The waterfall is situated in the Canaima National Park in the highlands which is one of the world's great natural wonders and a hiker's paradise.The sites and sounds of Angels Falls and the Canaima National Park are unforgettable. Incidentally, Canaima National Park is the biggest national park in Venezuela and it's the third biggest in the world.The National park is divided in two sectors - Western and Eastern. In the Western sector you can find the Canaima Lagoon where you find the Angel Falls!

At 979 meters or nearly 3000 feet Angel Falls spills from the Auyantepui into what is known as the Devil's canyon.The waters fall freely some 800 odd meters (2,6oo or more feet) and reach the bottom of the valley as a misty spray. The Angel fall is nearly 15 times higher than the Niagara water falls.The official height of the waterfall was determined by a National Geographic Society survey in 1949!

Originally Known as Kerepakupai mer , it was later named as Angel Falls after Jimmy Angel, an American pilot and gold-hunting adventurer, who discovered it in 1937 after several attempts having seen it from the air. He is supposed to have seen the waterfall from the air way back in 1933 and later crashed into the mountain and discovered the location of this awesome waterfall. However, the local indians, the Pemones, already knew it and called it the Churun Mer.Jimmy Angel died in 1958 and In July 1960 his ashes were disinterred and scattered over the Angel Falls as a mark of respect.

Angel falls are one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions. However, getting to the waterfalls which is located in the wilderness of Venezuela is not easy.Getting to the falls requires a lengthy journey by air, river, and jungle. To see it from top , one has to take a flight from Caracass and after a stop over at Margarita island one has to take a small airplane which overflies the waterfall. But if one wants to see it from land , one has to travel down the river through a narrow canyon to Angel falls.

The ideal time to visit the waterfall is during the rainy season which is from June to December, when the falls are voluminous and spectacular.In the dry season (from January to May) the waterfall may be just a thin stream of water fading into mist and not so spell binding as it is during the rainy season.

In late 2009, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez declared that this waterfall should be referred to as Kerepakupai Mer, which was its original name.

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Comments (7)

An interesting and one of its kind tourist destination with excellent history. Venezuelans were actually irritated at having the falls named after a foreigner the reason why it was reverted to its local name.

great article

Its a royal one, thanks.

Interesting, thanks - Voted up!

Fabulous photographs.

would know to visit one day

It looks very nice and the photos are beautiful.