Amazon Rain Forest
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Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon Rain Forest is not just one single rain forest stretching for miles ,but it is several little ones grouped into a big one.

The  Amazon Rain Forest is a green lush forest as the eye can see.  Only the Amazon Rain Forest is not one single green forest ,but many little ones.   Each acre of the Amazon Rain Forest is home to new types of trees, shrubs, ferns, and soil.   Home to thousand if not million species of birds, snakes, insects, monkeys, and frogs.

As one single tree falls to the ground below, the vines and branches strained and tighten on the surrounding tree to pull them down as the single tree fall.  An area opens up to let the sunshine in and homes of the animals that live in a tree were destroyed.  The animals looked for new homes and plants spring to life on the forest floor below.  Smaller trees fill the gap made by the old tree falling and they spread out their branches.  Before long the rain forest is back to the way it looked before the other tree fall.

In the Amazon Rain Forest there is eighty thousand plant species as where in New England in the same amount of land only twelve hundred plants exist.   Two hundred and ninety seven kinds of trees have been identified in two and half acres of the rain forest.  Compare to the same amount of forest in California  only ten types of trees have been identified.  Nine hundred species of birds have been found in the rain forest and this types of birds range from a small hummingbird to a giant eagle.   New species are being discovered daily in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Biologist Edward O.  Wilson discovered forty three different types of ants on one single tree and he was heard to remark  " Every time I enter a previously unstudied stretch of the rain forest I find a new type of a specie within a day or two and I have been lucky enough to find something new in the first two hours.

The Amazon Rain Forest is the largest rain forest on this whole earth covering  two point three million square miles.  This area is about as big as the United States.  It stretches over Brazil, Boliva, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuels, and Columbia.  It spreads  over the borders of French, Guinea, Guiana, and Suriname.   From the foothills of the Andes Mountain on the west edge of South America, it stretches more than two thousand miles east to the Atlantic Ocean.

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